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10 Tips to Improve Windows 10 Performance

Use a Flash Drive with Ready Boost
If your computer just doesn't have enough memory to keep up with today's Memory hungry applications, you might give Ready Boost a try. Simply plug in a flash drive, and in the Autoplay dialog under general options click "Speed up my system". Then in the Properties dialog box click on the Ready Boost Tab choose how much of the flash drive to use and then click "OK". Your system will start using the flash drive as extra memory.
Disk Cleanup to Remove Old Files
The Disk Cleanup utility removes old temporary files that are taking up space that could be used by the operating system to improve performance. If you have used your system a lot than you probably have a lot of temporary files just taking up space.
To remove these files click on the Windows button and type Disk Cleanup. Then open the Disk Cleanup application. Windows will ask you which disk to run the cleanup utility on. Select your Operating System drive (usually c:) and click "OK". Windows will then analyze your disk drive and show you how much space can be reclaimed using the Disk Cleanup utility. Select the temporary items you want to remove and click "OK". Windows will ask you for a confirmation and then will go to work. When the cleanup utility finishes you should have more disk space for your Operating System to use.
Disable Fancy Visualizations
Windows 10 has very fancy visualizations such as transparent window boarders and fading system messages. Your computer has to render all these visualizations. This is OK if your system is higher end, but if your computer is on the older side you might want to disable these visualizations to gain back system performance.
To disable the Windows Visualization effects and speed up your computer click on the Windows button and type "sysdm.cpl" without the quotes. Then click on the Advanced tab. Then click on the Performance Box Settings button. Finally, select "Adjust for best performance" and click OK. Alternatively, you can deselect each item manually if you want to fine tune your optimization. Windows won't look as pretty, but it should run faster.
Windows Troubleshooter
Windows now has a built in tool to find and fix common problems. Since it's already installed and available for use it's worth a try. If you experiencing stability problems or noticing system errors, it could be caused by a system configuration issue or a corrupted file.
To run through the built in Windows troubleshooting software click on the Windows Key and type "find and fix" (without the quotes) and click on the "Find and fix problems" link. Then click through the category and descriptions to try and resolve any system issue you may be experiencing.
Uninstall Unneeded Software
Installed software takes up resources such as disk space. Also if the program has a service that runs a process on boot up it is taking up CPU time that could be used for other things. One or two applications aren't too bad, but when you have 20-40 applications they add up.
To remove unneeded applications, click on the Windows button and then click on settings. Next click on System, and finally click on Apps & features. Look through the list of all the installed software and remove anything you don't need anymore. After you are done give your system a fresh reboot to ensure your System memory gets cleared out.
Get an SSD
So one of the biggest thing I noticed about Windows 10 so far is that it can be very disk active. After upgrading a Windows 8.1 laptop to Windows 10 I discovered the disk usage was getting 100% use almost all the time. This laptop had a magnetic based platter style hard drive which are a lot slower than system memory. This caused it to have trouble keeping up with the demanding Operating System. If your system is on the older side, you are probably in the same boat and have a magnetic based platter hard drive too.
Solid State Disks (SSDs) use non-volatile flash memory to store information. Basically they are fast really big USB Flash drives. If your system disk is causing your operating system to slow down than you can definitely notice an increase in system performance. Your system will boot way faster and will be more responsive.
To see if your system is suffering from high disk usage open Task Manager by holding down Ctrl+Alt+Delete (without the + signs) then click on Task Manager. Then click on the Performance tab. If your disk drive/s show close to 100% most of the time than you will benefit from a SSD upgrade. You can find article about ssd server.
Disable any Unneeded Processes on Startup
It seems like every piece of software wants to run a process on startup to you know "update". How often do you think updates come out? All the other time the process is checking for updates, checking for updates, and who knows what else. You don't need it running all the time especially if you are low on system resources already.
To disable processes from running on startup open the task manager by holding the keys Ctrl+Alt+Delete (without the + signs). Then select Task Manager. Click on the Startup tab. Now review the list of software and disable as needed. Hopefully this will buy you back some system resources and cause your system to become more responsive.
Disable Unneeded Services
This is a big one. Enabled services means processes running all the time and taking system resources away from the user. Not only are they running on startup, but they keep the process going even if it gets stopped from Task Manager or crashes. A lot of services are necessary for the operating system, but third party applications can setup services when they are installed. If you are not running a server of some sort than you most likely don't need that software running all the time.
To disable services from running automatically click on the windows button and then type msconfig and hit enter. Click on the Services tab. Then I recommend checking the box to "Hide all Microsoft Services" to ensure you don't stop a critical service that the Operating System depends on. After hiding the Microsoft services, you will get a list of services to go through. Most of these can be safely disabled. If you are in doubt leave it enabled, or disable it and see what happens. You can always re-enable the service using the same process. Once you are done click on the OK button. Windows will prompt you for a reboot. This is necessary for the changes to take effect, so go ahead and reboot. After a reboot you will get a pop up indicating that system settings were changed. Since you caused the changes you can safely ignore that message. If you were able to disable a decent amount of services, you should notice a bump in system performance.
Use a Different Browser for Internet Surfing
So far my experience with Microsoft Edge (the new built in Web browser in Windows 10) is that it's buggy and slow. So much so that I have begun using Google Chrome for all my web browsing. It doesn't have to be chrome, but if you are frustrated with a slow buggy internet browsing experience you might try installing a third party browser.
Upgrade versus a Fresh Install
So you took Microsoft up on the offer for a free upgrade and now your system is slow? If you have ever had any experience with Windows upgrade installations, you might have experienced a slow system or errors that popped up for seemingly no reason. I have never had great luck with Windows upgrades and if you ask any IT guy they will probably tell you to avoid them and opt for a full fresh install. Windows 10 appears to be no different to its predecessors. Using a fresh install versus an upgraded install can improve your system performance, and if you have exhausted all other options you might want to give it a try.
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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Best Nokia accessories – For Your Nokia Mobile Phone

Nokia accessories are created to make sure that clients make use of every function of the mobile phone to the fullest. These kinds of accessories have true benefits and in addition it enables you to make use of the mobile phone efficiently. You will find number of accessories made with attractive hues, designs and styles in the mobile mart. Almost you will find volume of accessories for every mobile phone.

You can buy Nokia accessories in addition to personalize mobile phone within your preferred method. The particular requirement with regard to advanced mobile phone accessories is really developing day-by-day simply because users are usually realizing the importance of these mobile phone accessories.

Nokia accessories could be availed by either by online portals or even by visiting mobile stores. Budget-concerned individuals can opt for cheap Nokia accessories and could carry out their own requirement. From the mobile phone accessories, the most important accessory is mobile phone cases. Mobile phone cases are constructed with top quality materials for example leather, rubber and so forth.

Leather mobile covers safeguard mobile phone against any type of damage, grime, water as well as from any sudden impacts. You can select mobile phone cases that better suits your need and budget as well.

USB data cable and memory cards are also helpful accessories as with the help of USB data cable you can transfer information from mobile phone to PC and vice versa. With the help of Bluetooth, you can exchange information with other compatible devices. Another essential accessory is the screen protector. With the help of this accessory, you can protect the sensitive screen of the mobile phone against any type of damage.

Battery is also an important accessory as it provides capacity to the mobile phone. Without it mobile phone is of no use. Charger is also another essential accessory for mobile phones as it provides power to the mobile phone.

You should buy Nokia accessories not just for style statement but from the protection aspect as well and which satiates your need. To get more information regarding Nokia accessories as well as cheap Nokia accessories, you can surf various websites and online portals on internet.

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How To Make Your Website More Panda Friendly

The recent Google Panda update has raised the bar not only for SEO experts but also for web designers. It’s getting tougher and tougher to rank well and that means that you really have to pay attention to all designing and Google ranking factors. When we do this, search engines rewards us because we are rewarding our audience and providing them with the information and experience they are looking for. The following points will help you to make your website panda proof:-

1.Content is key:The Panda algorithm update emphasizes providing assurance only on websites that contain unique and useful content. This will help users better find content relevant to their search. If you provide web page content that is unique, relevant, high quality and preferably 1000+ words, your site will likely be rewarded with improved rankings and therefore, increased traffic.

2.Above the fold design: Narrowing your header images, removing header banner images and pushing more content onto the top of your site will help with Panda.

3.Web Page indexing: A website with more than 100 web pages and maximum pages indexed by Google would be considered as a Panda friendly website.

4.Page rank: Page rank is still one of the most important factors. PageRank is an independent measure of Google’s perception of the quality/authority/credibility of an individual web page. It does not depend on any particular search phrase. Google conveniently reports this as a number from 0-10 (10 being the best).

5.Check your Domain registration: Domain registration for five years helps to enhance authority points. This is a small tip, but every little bit helps.

6.Webmaster tools: It enables webmasters to get a better idea of what Google “thinks” about their web sites, how the Google “spider” sees them, and what improvements could be made.

7.Social media proof: Google Panda takes social media trends seriously and content that is loved by social media sites like Twitter and Facebook gets better position in search engines.

8.Optimize for Fast Load Times: Avoid flash, single background images in the website. Google tends to favor sites that are snappy, quick, and fast.
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PokéVision Help Pokemon Go Players Find Pokemon From Home

PokéVision is a tool that Pokémon Go players have been searching for in order to make their Pokémon Go playing easier. PokéVision makes Pokémon Go hunting easier by interfacing with a Google Maps type of interface that, at least in theory, allows users to type in their address in PokéVision and see where nearby Pokémon Go goodies exist. As of this writing, the PokéVision website is not making Pokémon Go hunting easy due to the Pokémon Go servers either being down or under a heavy load.
“The Pokémon Go login servers are currently unstable or offline. Scanning may take longer than expected until issues are resolved. You can only scan once every 30 seconds. Unable to scan for Pokémon, retrying in 30 seconds. If this continues to fail then the Pokémon servers are currently unstable or offline.”

PokéVision would be an ideal way for Pokémon Go trainers to plan their hunting trips, instead of leaving their homes and wandering around aimlessly until a Pokémon character pops up on the Pokémon Go app. While some who love Pokémon Go might consider using PokéVision cheating, others might consider PokéVision more like a travel agent.

Learning where the best Pokémon reside prior to leaving home via the PokéVision website could help a person determine they’d like to visit five locations, for example, and therefore, plan their trips accordingly. As seen in the above photo, players appear at the India Gate monument in New Delhi, India.
PokéVision describes the benefits of their website as listed below.
“Find all Pokémon near you (or a selected target location) in real time for Pokémon Go. Pokémon nearby will be marked along with their appearance timer on the map. These are real time Pokémon locations, meaning they are currently live and can be found exactly at the marked spots.”

PokéVision is a Pokémon tracker/locator for the mobile game Pokémon Go. It uses the Niantic API to grab the location of all Pokémon near your (or your selected location) and display them on the map in real-time; this means if it is displayed on the map, you can go out and catch them! Note: Rarer Pokémons have a shorter appearance time so they might despawn; make sure to be quick and keep an eye on their timers!”
PokéVision gleans their Pokémon Go information from the Pokémon Go developer Niantic in order to help PokéVision users find Pokémon Go rewards throughout the world. As reported by Express, PokéVision originally extracted Pokémon Go information directly into their website.

PokéVision is an add-on for browsers that aims to make Pokémon Go playing easier, but PokéVision can only be as stable as Pokémon Go itself, which means PokéVision isn’t always stable.

Pokémon Go cheats like the third-party tracker tool that is PokéVision, which is being called the best for tracking Pokémon Go information. When PokéVision and Pokémon Go work correctly in concert, they are cutting-edge.

The enhanced interactive map that is PokéVision offers real-time Pokémon Go hunting. PokéVision also makes Pokémon Go playing easy for players to utilize when it works. PokéVision aims to take away the difficulty of Pokémon Go playing. The theory is that PokéVision means Pokémon Go players don’t have to walk or drive to a far location, only to discover nothing good near them.

PokéVision is only one of several third-party apps or websites that allow Pokémon Go users to garner more Pokéballs via their app. At times, Pokémon Go trainers have reported that PokéVision worked better than Pokémon Go itself.

PokéVision could help Pokémon Go players like the above Japanese high school students playing the game in front of the Zojyoji Buddhist temple in Tokyo.
[Photo by Koji Sasahara/AP Images]

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Friday, July 22, 2016

Turning Your Android Device On Without Pressing Any Buttons

Wouldn’t it be fascinating if your phone’s screen switches the moment you pick it up? Believe it or not, there are a number of applications which do exactly that! These apps are developed to ensure that Android phones’ screen lights up without having to press any button. Although this feature is a small addition to your smartphone, it is quite an intriguing one. Not only can it be used for convenience sake, but can also be a lifesaver when your power button isn’t working. Here’s how:
The Gravity Screen Off App:
This app detects your body movements with the help of your phone’s sensors which provide the app with position and proximity information. Thus, this feature is able to automatically block the screen the minute you put it in your pocket and light up on its own once your phone is in your hands. So helpful, right?
Pocket Sensor
This app is able to recognize that your phone is in your pocket. The first option you see is the pocket sensor and it also lets you set an angle on it. If you move the phone below the set angle, the screen will go off. There’s an option to set an angle as high as 90 degrees and as low as zero. Once you select your favoured angle, tick the ‘Any Direction’ box. In case you change your mind, all you have to do is deselect this option.
Table Sensor
With this option, your phone turns its screen off when you put it on a flat surface, face up. There’s also an option to change the angle of the table sensor if you wish to. Although, you will have to deselect the ‘Any Direction’ option before changing it.
Proximity Sensor
In this part of the settings, the app provides the user with two different options. Either ‘Turn Screen Off’ or ‘On by Proximity’. All that’s needed to be done to activate your screen is swiping your hand over the phone to stimulate the proximity sensor.
Turn Screen On By Motion
You will find a range of options to choose from, for example, turning your device on when it moves, or even when it faces upward. This choice, although, might not be supported on all android devices and the app gives the user a pop-up notification in case the phone is not compatible with it. But worry not, as you can always use the proximity option to turn the device’s screen on.
Keep Screen On by Motion
This feature prolongs your screen’s display timeout by detecting even the tiniest movements you make around it, without even you having to touch the phone. It allows you to set the sensitivity level, which ranges from 0 to 100. There is also a Booster option available which, once enabled, gives you a quicker response.
This application even offers other features like vibration, notification settings, disabling your lock screen and lots more. The Gravity Screen Off app has got it all covered. Have you experienced it yet?!
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