Tuesday, October 14, 2014

5 New Features of Windows 10

According to rumors circulating at this time, that Windows 10 is Microsoft's effort in improving a previous operating system is Windows 8 Which according to many people, that Windows 8 is a failed product. So in this discussion, I will tell you some of the features of Windows 10 which in my opinion is not much different with windows 7 or can say it is a refinement of Windows 7. 

Here Are 5 New Features of Windows 10: 

1 The Return of the Start Menu 
Now we find the start menu in Windows 7 can be found in the windows 10 in combination with a live titles and good design. 

2 Snap Shoot 4 Apps at Once in One Screen 
Windows 10 can do snap shoot 4 applications are now available as well as the layout of the new quadrant. 

3 All Applications are in a Window 
All applications are in the window and we can determine its size. 

4 Multiple Desktop 
We can create multiple virtual desktops to display side by side in one desktop. 

5. View the New Task Button 
There is a key task view with the new design so that we can open the file that is being worked quickly.

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