Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bootracer: Boot Your PC Fast

Do you want to measure the time it takes a Computer or laptop to boot in Windows 7 until ready to use? If you answered yes, then you do not have to measure it manually using a stop-watch or other calculators, but also can use a special application and the BootRacer good.

With this Bootracer, every time the computer boots and for one time only. The results will be displayed to the four kinds of Pre-boot, Windows Boot, Password Timeout, and Desktop. This application will also start counting when entering the zone will display the Windows Boot and the time required by each zone minus the Pre-boot.

So, in addition to usability to determine the total time required, the application can also be seen where the zone takes the longest time.

If the records maintained by BootRacer have so many, these tools can provide the fastest boot time how the computer and when it happens. In addition, the amount of time the boot record can help start when a computer is experiencing a significant increase boot time. And then you can check if there are for example certain software that are installed at the time that might be the cause.

You can download this applications at for free and can be used for personal use. This, of course, can also be used to check the results of the optimization of boot time which you just did.
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