Sunday, October 12, 2014

G4L: Ghost For Linux

Applications Linux G4L Ghost stands for Linux which is also the backup application. G4L perform backups by means of cloning to a partition or the whole hard disk.
This application is a Linux version of Norton Ghost (only runs on Windows). G4L is present in the form of a Linux live CD so practical. Which is the operating system of its own and does not depend on the Linux distribution being used.

Results from cloning can be stored in compressed form, and can be placed on either the same location as long as the hard disk different partition on the hard disk or external. G4L also allows storage of cloned into an FTP server anonymously.

This application has 2 modes of doing a clone, i.e File Mode and Raw Mode.
File Mode utilizes an external device such as partimage and parted that can be used to copy partitions and edit partitions. Thus, file mode suitable for cloning the particular partition. Meanwhile, on Raw mode, the copying of data is done sector-by-sector, so that practically ignores file system used. Raw mode is generally used to re-clone the entire hard disk.

Broadly speaking, the way backups with G4L cloning model is commonly used to install Linux on many computers at once.
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