Sunday, October 12, 2014

Google Docs app for iDevice

Application is made ​​by Google, is presented in response to a word processing application (Word) from Microsoft are also available for iDevice users. Google Docs is a word processing service which usually can be enjoyed on the web. Now the application it comes apart from the Google Drive and serves the users to do word processing on the iDevice.

You can read, edit, and collaborate in real time to create a document on your iPod, iPhone, and iPad for free. It also does not require a subscription fee and can be accessed for free full.

Google Docs separately for users of mobile devices is certainly easier for those who need to work collaboratively while traveling. Featured real time to respond to comments or add easy job requiring respond directly.

Like the web version, Google Docs for iDevice also allows you to invite other colleagues to be able to read, leave a comment, or do the editing of the same document.

Offline feature is also available so that you can save a document that was created in the device. Google Docs app for iDevice requires iOS 7 upwards and is compatible for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, and have been optimized for the iPhone 5.

Thus the discussion about Google Docs, may be useful for you to know and use this application properly.
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