Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pass Strength: Windows8 Security Client

Are you lazy to take into account the power of computer passwords were made ​​or even do not know to create a password that is difficult to guess? If you answered yes, then one of the applications that can help is the application Pass Strength. This application can judge the strength of a password or a password with a length automatically. The most fun anymore, it can be used for free. 

Strength Pass Feature interface that makes it to the point can be used. You can directly enter the desired password in the box provided. Furthermore Pass Strength will soon analyze the password and give judgment. In addition, this application will add character show that the number and variety used.

An assessment has given several levels, ranging from weak to very strong. If the judgment obtained is weak or not achieving very strong, then this app will give input of what kind of character should be added in order to increase the level of password strength.

If you do not want to bother, please use this application to create a password with the desired number of characters. You can choose from 6 characters to 24 characters and can choose whether or not you want to use special characters.

A few of these applications Pass Strength, hopefully this information can help you in increasing the security of your PC account.
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