Monday, June 1, 2015

Simple Tips That Every iPad Owner Should Know

We realize that an iPad is an incredible electronic device, yet many users are not aware of the many tips that can make its handling easier and quicker. This equipment is getting developed all the time. Now we have a couple of new features. One such feature allows you to download the latest updates without even plugging your iPad to your computer.
You'll find below a couple of the most useful tips for iPad users:

Organizing your applications with folders
Using folders, you can conveniently arrange your iPad and split applications to different groups. The best part is that the iPad generates a default name for the folder, and it is generally an apt depiction of the applications it contains. You may create a folder by just holding down your finger on the icon of the application till all the applications start shaking. Then, you drag it to the top of next application, while the iPad creates a folder having all the applications. You can include additional applications in the same folder by just dragging them along and dropping them inside that folder.

Rebooting the iPad
By rebooting your iPad, you can resolve a number of problems, which otherwise would require taking some complex steps. For instance, if you find it is running slow or an application quits as soon as you have launched it, simply reboot it. Follow these steps when you want to reboot it:
  • Hold on to sleep/wake key for a couple of seconds.
  • When getting prompted by the iPad to slide a key to shut down, just pursue the directions.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds after the screen has become blank and hold on to sleep/wake key once again to boot it.
  • When seeing the Apple logo appearing, let go of the sleep/wake key.

The home screen of iPad will emerge in a moment.
Reduce screen brilliance to extend the life of your battery
An easy way to prolong the life of the battery of the iPad is to reduce the brilliance of its display. This is easily done by going to the settings of the iPad and selecting "Brightness & Wallpaper" from the menu on the left side. The more you shift the slider to the left, the less is the brilliance of the screen, meaning the less is the consumption of power. Depending on the brightness in the room where you may be working, you can bring the brilliance down to even 33 percent.

When typing, leave out the apostrophe
At times it gets very irritating to work with your iPad in auto correct mode, yet it can be of great help now and then. When you need to do plenty of typing, you'll certainly prefer using the apostrophe more regularly, more so if you like using contractions like 'won't' or 'can't.' You may not be aware that you can omit the apostrophe. So, here is another tip: while typing use the auto correct function to alter "won't" to "won't "or "can't" to "can't".
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