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Vivo Xshot 4G:Stepping Forward

Official emergence Vivo brand in the last year to enliven the market gadget homeland seen as betting their existence among more established players. Vivo is less known by Indonesian users. However, their products are well known in his native country and in Malaysia. Vivo's presence in Indonesia seemed "bold" with a direct throw three premium models.
One of the models that had we tried was Xshot series. This product displays the power of photography is a lot of praise from various circles. However, the handset is not merely promise a steady picture quality, supporting components was relatively upscale fast. Vivo did not hesitate to give a high price on this product. Further evidence will be needed to see the response of the local market are fairly unfamiliar with Vivo.
Sail shape IPS 5.2 inch handset reminds us in the ranks of the iPhone is typical with aluminum trim that gives the impression of a strong stand and luxury. Polish the outside it does look cool on the handset weighs 148 grams. Open a locked screen that still will be found direct access to the music or photos. To display the main feature was (Wi-Fi, Data, Bluetooth, etc.) is rather different, that you have to pull the screen from bottom to top. Vivo is to modify Android 4.3 was wearing into a graphical interface called Funtouch OS.
In order to use more pleasant, Vivo seeks to maximize sensor Diusungnya by providing motion control in "Smart Motion". On this product, pretty much work the gesture is available as a hand on top of the screen to unlock / lock, write letters to run the application, or shake the handset to open the application. In a dark room condition matter, you can move the handset form the letter M, V, or S to activate certain functions.

To manage the handset more easily, provided iManager applications that help users clean up memory, junk files, and monitor data traffic. There is also an incoming phone settings during limited hours so as not to interfere. If the middle of running out of power and you still need the phone's main functions such as call and SMS, just press the power button to switch to the Super Saver. This mode displays a simple display with a screen rather dim to save energy.
Another strength of Vivo relied on its premium range is the excellent audio quality via Hi-Dac chip ES9018 MK2. Not surprisingly, Vivo carries the tagline "Hi-Fi & Smart" on one of her X series. Maximum sound quality will be obtained through the use of earphones XE600i are included in the package.
This product camera capabilities admirable. Armed with Sony IMX214 CMOS sensor with six layers of lens and wide aperture f / 1.8 are supported feature OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) and image processing systems, Xshot capable of displaying photographs of a very nice including the current Ultra HD video recording. Its quality may be pitted by the Oppo Find 7, Xiaomi MI4, Zenfone, or HTC One. You will also appreciate features such photos to look better and creative.
As a gadget upscale, Vico Xshot not hesitate to install high-performance components. 801 2.3 GHz Snapdragon chipset (MSM8974AA), 2 GB RAM, and 16 GB of internal storage into a promising mainstay. This product also supports 4G connections are now beginning to flourish in Indonesia. In terms of performance, Xshot at the level of top smartphones currently although not the fastest.

Familiar interface
An interface entitled "My House" will feature a series of important functions in the atmosphere of the house so it looks more familiar and enjoyable.

Childhood Images
To take pictures of children under five with ease, Xshot provide photo mode "Children". The handset will issue a baby voice, bell, cat, or other sound that caught his attention.

Smart Motion
There are many interesting features gesture. This feature is usually preferred as users who want to access certain functions in gadgets without the need to look to the mobile screen.

Phone's Feature
Activation of smartphones in the mode "Super Saver" will display the main screen with the principal function like a regular mobile phone (feature phone) to save battery usage.

 Testing Results
PengujianAsus Padfone S Vivo Xshot
Antutu Benchmark 5.643.590 42.894
Smartbench 2012 • Productivity 9161 10197
Smartbench 2012 • Games 4516 4440
Quadrant Advanced 2.1 22.509 22.420
Linpack Pro • Single-Thread 365,629 MFLOPS 365,042 MFLOPS
Linpack Pro • Multi-Thread 737,582 MFLOPS 681,943 MFLOPS
NenaMark v2.4- 59,7 fps
3DMark 1.4 • 720 Maxed Out Maxed out!
3DMark 1.4 • 1080Maxed Out Maxed out!
3DMark 1.4 • Unlimited19.690 17.779

PLUS: Design and the interface attractive, sturdy material, audio and picture quality is good, good performance, support 4G-LTE, feature gesture.

MINUS: Without NFC and radio functions, the price is expensive.

Spesification Vivo Xshot 4G
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 2,3 GHz (quad-core Krait 400)
Chip graphic Adreno 330
Cellular SignalGSM 850/900/1.800/1.900 MHz HSDPA 900/1.900/2.100 MHz LTE 800/900/1.800/1.900/2.100/2.600 MHz (Cat4)
Internal memory capacity16 GB
Support for wireless connections Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac), Wi-Di, Bluetooth 4.0, A-GPS, NFC
Other Connections micro-USB, audio 3,5 mm
Camera8 MP (front) and 13 MP (rear)
ScreenIPS 5,2″ @ 1080 x 1920 pixel @ 424 ppi capacitive touchscreen
Battery capacityLi-ion 2.600 mAh
Weight / dimension148 gram/14,7 x 7,3 x 0,8 cm
Operating systemAndroid 4.3 (Jelly Bean)
Guaranty 1 year
Price (range)*$460 USD

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