Friday, July 17, 2015

Is this the look of BlackBerry smartphones with Android os?

Rumors related to the plan released BlackBerry smartphone with Android operating system continues to spread. Many people believe that it is only a rumor, but not a few who argue that the BlackBerry is going to create brand-new handsets using the operating system the green robot.

Canadian smartphone manufacturer is even rumored to be releasing two series smartphone with Android OS. Two series of smartphones will have code names BlackBerry BlackBerry Venice and Prague.

Previously, has proclaimed that revealed the rumor BlackBerry Android flavor will be launched to the market in advance of America in November 2015, the passing chirp a journalist in his Twitter account calledevleaks.

It is further mentioned, both the Android BlackBerry series predicted to be a series of BlackBerry smartphones that will steal the spotlight back of the smartphone market and is able to restore the BlackBerry heyday. So, how the smartphone display?

Blackberry Venice is suspected to be present as a high-end Android smartphone with Quad HD curved screen. Meanwhile, BlackBerry Prague will be a low-end Android smartphone that resembles the BlackBerry Z3 series.

However, concerning the form of the BlackBerry Prague, in a picture posted on the Twitter accountevleaks, it shows the opposite. In the photos it looks BlackBerry Prague is not similar to the BlackBerry Z3.

BlackBerry Venice looks even more similar to the BlackBerry series Passport, complete with three-row QWERTY physical keyboard.

In addition, buttons are present in the screen also indicates that the BlackBerry Venice series will run on the Android OS Lollipop.

BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, previously made a statement on whether the correct BlackBerry will release Android smartphone. However, the statement makes even more wild speculation. Therefore, he did not explicitly denied at the same time also agreed not rumors.

"We're just going to create a secure phone, and BlackBerry is the most secure mobile phones today. If I can find a way to secure the Android platform, then it is possible I will create it (BlackBerry Android)," he said.
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