Wednesday, July 22, 2015

New Tips Accelerating Android Smartphone

Sometimes you may feel your android smartphone's performance began to decline, slow down, and so on. There are many ways and alternatives to make your Android phone more fresh and fast. Here are some tips that you can try.

Tips Accelerating Android Smartphone android:

1.Always Firmware Update
The goal of this firmware update is to renew the system by reducing and fixing bugs, some lag and other grievances felt by the user on the previous firmware. Along an updating routine, bugs and other complaints that slow down the performance of your android will be reduced so that it will provide maximum performance on your android smartphone.
2. Reset
Sometimes this needs to be done, and is usually performed on users prefer to install the applications that were not useful or not in use and in the end only meet the phone memory only. Reset certainly will delete files such as songs, contacts, photos and videos including applications in your smartphone. This will make your smartphone be like the beginning and certainly make your android phone becomes fresh again. But remember, before you perform a reset everything on your smartphone, it is good you do a backup first to things or important files only, in order to be restored back after the reset.
3. Move Files Into External Memory
Try checking beforehand the rest of your internal memory. Typically, slow performance of android is also affected from the rest of your internal memory, when the less space is left, android you will also be getting slower. Try to place the files such as songs, photos, videos and other eksernal memory. If already, you can move it manually either via a PC or laptop, or applications that exist on google play.
4. Find Other Useful applications in Google Play
There are several alternative applications to support and improve the performance of your smartphone:
Anti VirusIt becomes the user's choice whether or not to wear, because sometimes malware and some viruses can result in reduced performance of your smartphone. Choose your preferred antivirus and instead of aggravating the performance of your android.
GreenifyApplications that are quite useful, where you can set any application that is still running in the background and the application that you feel no need to always run in the background. By doing so, the memory usage can be more efficient, and the battery can last longer.
Cache CleanerThis application will clean the cache of your smartphone memory so as not to accumulate and fulfill your memory.
5. Uninstall Applications Useless
As in the above review, applications that you think it is not used or is not useful anymore, should be uninstalled to give greater space in the memory of your smartphone. Basically almost the same as reset, but this is only one alternative if you still need some other applications.
6. Restart Smartphone
This method is simple, but effective. If you feel your Smartphone nge-lag, jammed or appear bugs like, you try to disable and then turn on your smartphone. This can sometimes make smartphones faster.
7. Root
This is one alternative for those of you who are already expert on android phones. In the rooting process, you should know that you will lose the warranty smartphone (however when in-unroot warranty can return again), and you can totally dead smartphone or the term brick. You should be looking for in advance how to do it on your smartphone. Because the rooting process is not always the same and depends on the smartphone itself. After rooting, the following things can be done to improve the performance of your android phone:
a. OverclockingImprove the ability of your processor more than a standard that has been set. This of course there are risks, in addition to your processor is faster heat and age is getting shorter, it would also drain your battery faster. Use only as needed (eg playing games)
b. Custom RomYou can do flashing or using another ROM that if according to your needs. Also can replace the kernel that you want your phone to a more android feels light, fresh, and fast.
c. Uninstall AppYou can remove the default application that is installed in your smartphone. Sometimes there are some people who feel this application is not useful but can not remove it because it is the default application. With root you can install apps like Titanium Backup, to remove the default application smartphone you do not want.
Those are some tips that you can try to improve the performance of your android phone. Know the risks and always do a backup before attempting. Hopefully this information is useful and good luck!
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