Sunday, August 16, 2015

4 The Best Free WiFi Finder Application For Android

Nowadays who does not tempted by the free WiFi? If relying on expensive internet package will certainly give way in the wallet. One way to block the internet running out of money because the package is the use of free WiFi. Do not worry, in this article we will give you 4 free WiFi search application for Android.

4 Free WiFi Finder Application For Android

1. Free Zone

Application made by movile called Free Zone will help you to find a WiFi hotspot that is located close to you and put them on the map so you can easily choose which one is best WiFi. You can also check the speed test of the WiFi. In this application there is an option to automatically connect to the strongest signal and reject a signal that weak.

The best thing about the application is the Free Zone is the presence of several WiFi password locked. This password is not hacked and distributed illegally, but the owner WiFi will voluntarily notify its WiFi password so that other users can access it. Ya really fun!

2. WiFi Analyzer 

WiFi Analyzer is an application made by Farproc. This cool app will show Hotspot WiFi signal where the most toned and easily captured by your smartphone range. You will see all available Hotspot graphics in different colors and how they change the signal strength in real time.

You will see the signal strength varies depending on the distance you are with its WiFi router. Select the connection that you think is the fastest and try to connect with the WiFi to get maximum speed.

3. Osmino WiFi 

Osmino WiFi is free WiFi seeker applications made by RIWW which is one of the best applications in this category. This application will help you find free WiFi access points on a map and then select it to find the best. How to select WiFi on Osmino is to choose between public or private, his ratings, and with the password or without a password.

You can use Google Maps to find directions to a WiFi Hotspot choice and when connected, you can use the speed test to check whether WiFi is fast or slow. The good news is Osmino WiFi has many extra features such as usage statistics, advert blockers, and homescreen widgets. In this application you can also find WiFi Hotspot by using Augmented Reality. Waw cool !!!

4. WiFi Map

WiFi Map is an application that is similar to the Free Zone on its like finding the password on a locked WiFi Hotspot. The difference is the application of WiFi Map gives you a lot of information about a business that provides WiFi access such as cafes, hotels, supermarkets, and so forth.

Another amazing feature is that you can download a map of the entire city so that you can still find free WiFi Hotspot though you are not in a position online. WiFi Map is an application with a database of the largest worldwide.
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