Monday, August 31, 2015

5 Habits That Can Ruin Gadgets and How to Prevent It

In today's world who does not use the gadget in his daily life? Almost everyone uses gadgets. But sometimes we forget, that the gadget is the stuff that sensitive and easily damaged, whether as a result of collision or the like. But if you know the right way to care for your gadget, secured the components in it will last long. 
This time we will discuss what the hell wrote habits that can damage the gadget, as well as providing a way to prevent it, so that you can take care of all your favorite gadgets, because the price is not cheap.

1. Battery Charge Overnight - Sleep Left
This is the most common case. The reason, many people are lazy charging at certain hours, and prefer to charge the battery when the night and left to sleep, but it was a big one, as this can lead to leaking of its battery and make the battery life becomes shorter. Even so, there are several models of smartphones that have mendukung_auto-stop_, so that when the indicator reaches 100%, the electric current will be automatically terminated.


Try to take the time to charge the battery when the smartphone it is not used, it is not necessary until full, at least battery capacity to support the use, origin should not be left to sleep all night

2. Using the Charger Original
If you buy a smartphone in the new conditions, of course you will also get the innate original charger device. Well, that's supposed charger that you should use at any time to charge the battery.

Because if you use a charger other than original_ (KW, Counterfeit, Pirated) _ would be an adverse effect on the gadget you have. Because of the current and voltage of the charger is not necessarily the same as the fake original.


Try to always discipline in using the charger, do not be hasty in use, it is intended that the original charger is not damaged, so it can be used in the long term.

3. Never Off

Well, if that is like our bodies need rest when night. The gadget has a component that works constantly, even when not in use though.
Therefore, there is no harm to disable your gadgets when not in use, it will help restore _ "power" component _ gadget you to remain durable.


Try to disable your gadgets when night or when you go to sleep, because when you go to sleep automatically and you will not use such gadgets, is not it? Such a process is similar to that of your body need rest to recover energy.

4. Mobile Data, WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth Always On

If this one is usually directly proportional to your daily use. You need to know, features such as Mobile Data, WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth are the features that can be regarded as the most frequently used features.

But for some people, they like to forget turning off these functions when not in use, would it trigger wasteful batteries, imagine, just Cellular Data alone can consume battery power consumption by 9%.


Try to pay attention to the needs of your gadget, if you already do not use WiFi, try to disable them, including bluetooth, GPS and mobile data. This can make your gadget age last long, because the component is concerned more often rested.

5. Never Cleaned

The gadget is a device that accompany you at all times. Almost as much as you need to clean themselves with a shower, the gadget also requires attention in terms of cleanliness
Cleaning here can be regarded as taking care of the dirty part of the touch screen, speaker dusty to oils that stick due to usage.

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