Sunday, August 16, 2015

How to Make Battery Android Like New Again

Make Android as new battery is not impossible. By calibrating the Android battery, all data stored in the "batterystats.bin" you will be erased and make it a new battery. Thus, Android battery you will be like a new and more durable than ever.

To calibrate the battery Android, Android make sure you have a rooted. If not, you can read: How To Root Android with TowelRoot.

If you have the root, straight into steps to make Android as new battery. Here are the steps:

How to Make Battery Android Like New Again

1.   Download Battery Calibration, then install as usual in Android.
2.   Make sure the battery in your Android already filled 100%. If not, you can charge your first Android smartphone.

3.   If it is 100%, its open Battery Calibration. Press the Battery Calibration in the middle. Wait until the notification Calibration succeeded! then click OK!

 4.   If the calibration has been completed, which should be done now is you have to use your Android until the battery is completely depleted (0%) and then charge back off (offline charge) up to 100%.

After performing an offline charging up to 100%, use your Android back as usual. Feel the difference in stamina and your Android battery life. Good luck!
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