Friday, July 22, 2016

Turning Your Android Device On Without Pressing Any Buttons

Wouldn’t it be fascinating if your phone’s screen switches the moment you pick it up? Believe it or not, there are a number of applications which do exactly that! These apps are developed to ensure that Android phones’ screen lights up without having to press any button. Although this feature is a small addition to your smartphone, it is quite an intriguing one. Not only can it be used for convenience sake, but can also be a lifesaver when your power button isn’t working. Here’s how:
The Gravity Screen Off App:
This app detects your body movements with the help of your phone’s sensors which provide the app with position and proximity information. Thus, this feature is able to automatically block the screen the minute you put it in your pocket and light up on its own once your phone is in your hands. So helpful, right?
Pocket Sensor
This app is able to recognize that your phone is in your pocket. The first option you see is the pocket sensor and it also lets you set an angle on it. If you move the phone below the set angle, the screen will go off. There’s an option to set an angle as high as 90 degrees and as low as zero. Once you select your favoured angle, tick the ‘Any Direction’ box. In case you change your mind, all you have to do is deselect this option.
Table Sensor
With this option, your phone turns its screen off when you put it on a flat surface, face up. There’s also an option to change the angle of the table sensor if you wish to. Although, you will have to deselect the ‘Any Direction’ option before changing it.
Proximity Sensor
In this part of the settings, the app provides the user with two different options. Either ‘Turn Screen Off’ or ‘On by Proximity’. All that’s needed to be done to activate your screen is swiping your hand over the phone to stimulate the proximity sensor.
Turn Screen On By Motion
You will find a range of options to choose from, for example, turning your device on when it moves, or even when it faces upward. This choice, although, might not be supported on all android devices and the app gives the user a pop-up notification in case the phone is not compatible with it. But worry not, as you can always use the proximity option to turn the device’s screen on.
Keep Screen On by Motion
This feature prolongs your screen’s display timeout by detecting even the tiniest movements you make around it, without even you having to touch the phone. It allows you to set the sensitivity level, which ranges from 0 to 100. There is also a Booster option available which, once enabled, gives you a quicker response.
This application even offers other features like vibration, notification settings, disabling your lock screen and lots more. The Gravity Screen Off app has got it all covered. Have you experienced it yet?!
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