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Reviews on Best Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace Extensions

You own a Magento site and wish to expand your business, what to do? The solution to your problem is Magento Multi Vendor marketplace extensions. These Magento extensions give the same benefits as the big shopping houses like Amazon, eBay enjoys.
So let's see how the Magento marketplace extension works. This extension converts your shopping website into an online shopping mall, where the visitor to your website is sure to buy products. In other words, your website is converted into online shopping mall, where the client is able to buy products whatever he or she wishes for.
How it happens is, when you use the Magento multi vendor marketplace extension you allow the chosen vendors to display their products along with the logos. You can select multiple numbers of vendors to come and use your site as a platform to sell their products. Those sellers will be responsible for the sale of their products, the invoice and shipment of the ordered products.
When you add a new vendor to your site, the person can easily setup and manage the product details with the help of Magento marketplace extension. The seller can add images of the product with the help of CSV file upload. The vendor can also upload the link. The seller gets instant update about the sales and the payments made by the client. The vendor also can update the availability of the product to keep the buyer in picture as well.
From the buyer point of view, the buyer can check out the profile of the seller before they decide to buy the product. They are free to leave a review of the product. The buyer can select and compare the product selected with the other vendor on site. They can also check the availability of the required product.
The above are the advantages that a vendor and the buyer get. But you as the store owner are also at no loss. As an admin you can control and set the commissions on the sale of products by different vendors. You can choose the commission on the basis of product type, customer group, products or category. Set it at a fixed rate or by percentage, it is all up to you.
Not only that you can also control the reviews written by the customers. You can read the reviews and select if they are worth being displayed on the site or not.
At the same time if you feel that the vendor selected is not appropriate you can disapprove of him. You have the power to approve or disapprove with just one click.
The Magento extensions give you the power to control and at the same time also help you invite more sellers to your site. It is a win-win situation for you. You get to earn more money by earning commission from the sales made by the different vendors. But at the same you have the power to control what the vendor sells on your site and what not. It is the best you can do for your online business.
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